Seed Order Unboxing- the Alliance of Native Seedkeepers

First things first, check out the video showing just what was in my package, and then we can get down to business. Fair warning: our youngest son, Gatlin, does something that might make your heart explode 💕

This is my very first unboxing video! And let me tell you, hindsight is 2020… Wait… can we cancel that saying? I don’t even like uttering the words twenty-twenty… It’s too soon.

So let’s just say, I wish I knew then what I know now. I realized I basically flew through the video, showed y’all what I received but didn’t actually break it down on why you, too, would want to receive these seeds… So allow me to elaborate, please.

Disclaimer: All photos of produce belong to The Alliance of Native Seedkeepers Please visit their website to learn more about this great company’s purpose and goals, and purchase seeds to help them continue on their mission. One thing I will say that really stuck out to me, is their passion and love for one another. AoNSK is a benefit corporation that uses their earnings to better their tribe and their people. The first thing you read on the site is:

“Unity cannot happen until we place our hands into the soil and feed each other.”

-Fix Račhakwáhsthaʔ Cain, Co-Founder

Isn’t that such a cool way to look at it? This encouraged me to make a purchase, and I’m very glad that I did. I think that mentality is something we should all take with us as we plant our gardens this year. The goal to not only grow food for our own survival and reward, but also to feed your fellow neighbor. We’ve had a rough go the last 12 months, and maybe homegrown food can be the mend.

Mary Washington Asparagus

If you want to learn patience, then by all means plant the perennial, asparagus. It takes 2 years after initial planting to produce a light crop. The typical days to maturity is 730. But the good news is, if you can stick it out after that you should have a regular crop yearly after that. Already rooted plants are great for fall and should be planted 4-6 weeks before first fall frost.

Late, Flat Dutch Cabbage

A loud dump truck drove by when I showed this seed, and so it ended up getting cut out. I still wanted to include it here though. As long as you can keep the snails and slugs away, this cabbage is fairly easy to grow with high yields, and can produce monster-sized heads. Plant in late summer for a mid-autumn harvest.

Ace 55 Tomato

Have limited space? This determinate variety is great for container growing. Hello, balcony tomatoes. Very resistant, and the heavy foliage helps to protect the fruit from sunburn. For a red tomato, it has surprisingly low acid content with an overall sweet, smooth taste. 

Floradade Tomato

Another determinate tomato, this guy can easily adapt to hot and humid climates, as well as withstanding high temperatures, and produce a large yield. It doesn’t even bat an eye to high temps at night, unlike most tomatoes who like it cool while they sleep (something I relate to). Perfect for sandwiches, salads and slicing, especially in southern climates.


Another great option for container growing, as these roots can grow vigorously and become invasive if allowed enough room. This natural flavor is perfect as a culinary addition, as well as holds a few medicinal properties. Ideal for headaches, indigestion, and as a fragrance to help feel alert and calm.


Slow-bolt, simply meaning slow to produce the seed, and not just the leaves. A little known fact; the mature seed of cilantro is actually what makes the seasoning coriander. But as a leaf, it is simply cilantro, the popular herb used in Asian and Mexican cooking. This is a must have if you’re thinking of making your own salsa this year.

Marketmore 76 Cucumber

This type of cucumber boasts a “refined” look, and I can almost guarantee what you purchase is a store is a Marketmore type. Dark green, long and slender these cucumbers are ideal for slicing. An open-pollinator, resistant and fairly hardy. Begins bearing late, but then produces for a pretty long time.

Evergreen Bunching Scallion Onion

All the onion flavor, none of the tears. These long slender white-fleshed stalks that stem into spring green tips are perfect for salads, soups, and stir-frys. These can be planted overwinter for a spring time harvest, and then sow a new crop every few weeks for consistent flavor all year round.

Are any of these varieties already tried and true for you? Comment below with any tips you have!

I’m totally happy with my purchase from this company. I can’t wait to get our seeds started, some I will be indoor sowing in just a few weeks! Please check back every Monday for new Gardening/ What’s In My Mailbox posts. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and if you enjoyed the video/post give us a thumbs up! And don’t forget to give us a holler on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for growing with us! 🌱

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