Friday Fixin’s from the Dalrymple Kitchen

In our family, generation after generation, the love we have for one another has always been best expressed by the act of preparing and sharing delicious food. It’s basically our love language.

My great-granny was known for her cooking, and they say you could smell the aroma of Jannie’s fried chicken for miles. She ran the kitchen that accompanied an auction house, and people would come mainly to grab a bite to eat, and then to see if anything good was for sale. And it wasn’t just a job for her, but a way for Granny to share love, comfort, and fellowship in the best way she knew how; home cookin’ from the heart.

And that has been the expectation around here for 70 years since: to prepare homemade, delicious food with as much love (and butter) as possible, in order to spread joy, share comfort, and show love to anyone who takes a bite.

Now, in the words of my Mama:

Y’all come eat!

Cast Iron Brownies From Scratch

Bake along, as I make the best, crispy brownies from scratch, using my old faithful cast iron skillet, and nearly burn the house down. No houses or brownies were burnt in the making of this video… my diet, however, did go up in smoke. Full recipe here.

Do You Know How to Care for Cast Iron?

It happens to all of us… A cast iron catastrophe. What do you do when your favorite cast iron skillet loses its seasoning? Or maybe you have an old piece that needs a lot of TLC. The good news is it’s an incredibly easy fix! I show you how to re-season cast iron, as well as talk about basic cast iron cookware care. Learn Cast Iron CPR here.

Better Than the Barrel’s Hash Brown Bake

Easy, delicious, and makes enough to serve an army. This recipe is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve heard other hash brown dishes claim to be the only one you’ll ever want (looking at you, Cracker Barrel) but I promise my recipe will make the other guys seem like a far off, distant, mediocre memory. Get the recipe here.

Chicken & Biscuit Casserole

This is our favorite comfort meal! Warm and gooey chicken and cheese, with biscuits baked right on top! Just tellin’ y’all about it makes me wish there was some left. Once your friends and family taste this easy and delicious meal, don’t count on left overs but definitely count on requests to share the recipe! Dig in here.

Fool-Proof Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Ooey gooey meets pure comfort, and the best part? It takes under 10 minutes to prepare from scratch. This is THE best Banana Bread recipe, it comes out perfect every time. The chocolate and peanut butter is just an extra bonus! Get the full recipe and watch the video here!

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