Having the tools and knowledge to grow our food has been something important to us for a very long time. This year we have the opportunity of starting from scratch, planning the largest garden we’ve ever planted, and sharing it all here. Our goal is to produce enough food to preserve for our own family, as well as offer neat varieties to friends and the farmers markets. We are also expanding our herb and natural remedy knowledge so that we can get the absolute most out of our 2021 harvest. We have big plans this year, and so I hope you decide to come grow with us, too!

How I Organize My Seeds

Come visit my new greenhouse and take a peek into how I organize my seeds. I show you some supplies I’ve been gathering, explain what it means to plant by the signs, and talk a little about our plan for 2021. Come grow with us!

Mailbox Monday: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Finally an order from the holy grail of Heirloom seed operations: Baker Creek. In this order I got some incredibly rare and interesting varieties that I had to trudge through 9 inches of snow to get… Totally worth it. Learn more here

Why We Chose Heirloom Seeds

Trying to understand seed labels and decide what’s best for YOU can be confusing! There’s so many options, so many terms. How do you know what to plant in the garden? I break it down for you here, and go in depth on why we chose to grow Heirloom seeds by discussing the pros and cons of all seed types. Learn more.

Mailbox Monday: Seed Saver’s Exchange

Get your warm layers on and come check the mail with me! There might be snow on the ground, but we’re ready to start planning the garden. We find some super rare seeds, and talk about why the early gardener gets the seed. Read the blog post here.

Mailbox Monday: MIGardener Seed Order Unboxing 2/1/21

Come along as I check the mail in the slush, open some interesting seeds, and see what I’ve been growing lately. This week’s package comes from MIGardener, let’s see what’s inside! Read the blog post here.

Seed Order Unboxing- 01/25/21

Come check the mail with me, talk about seeds for the upcoming 2021 garden, and tend to a few chickens along the way. Today’s package comes from the Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, let’s see what’s inside! Read the blog post here.

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