Mailbox Monday: MIGardener Seed Order Unboxing

Know what makes a cold Monday better? Thoughts of Spring 🌱🌻🌷

That’s basically how I’ve gotten through January; thinking about my plans for this coming year, new seed starts, baby chicks, and the way the grass turns so vividly green against the stormy gray skies of spring.

And today begins February. In years past, I haven’t always been February’s biggest fan. It always seemed to be such a… bleh month. This year, however, it’s different for me because we now have a greenhouse and get to start some seeds this month. I feel the inhale beginning for what will finally be a sigh of relief. Spring is right around the corner, ya’ll!

The proof of that is my enthusiastic self marching out to my mailbox everyday. I’ll be honest with you, during normal months, I’m lucky to check my mail more than once a week. But not during seed ordering time, my friends. I’m out there waiting for my mail lady like a husband waits for his wife to return from a sale she said she’d back in 5 minutes from… I wait for her a lot. Snow, slush, it doesn’t matter, I’m there and waiting, and I take you a long in this weeks video.

This week I’m not going to dig too deep into each seed variety that came with this order simply because I talked quite bit in this week’s video, and there were plenty of varieties to cover. Sorry not sorry if I got carried away. It’s just that seeds make me happy. The hope of spring and new starts (plant wise, and year wise) bring so much motivation to keep on keepin’ on. You can get through winter a little warmer when you think Spring thoughts (and wear insulated bibs, like the ones I live in that you see in this video), and Spring is so close when you obsess over happily gather seeds.

I hope these seeds inspire you to find your own happiness. There’s so many varieties and choices, so many neat selections yet to try. Here are mine from MIGardener:

Photo courtesy of MIGardener

Black Prince Tomato

This indeterminate tomato, meaning it will grow as big and as much as you, and nature, will allow it. You can also train most indeterminates to climb. Voted the best tasting tomato in 2014, 2015, and 2017. This low-acidic variety takes about 75 days to maturity.

Hilbilly Tomato

This beautifully marbled bi-colored indeterminate tomato produces massive fruits. Ideal to start indoors, takes 90 days until maturity, but produces high yields. Perfect for slicing and sandwiches.

Black Cherry Tomato

High yields, lower acid, longer shelf life. What’s not to love? This indeterminate is perfect to start indoors. 70 days until maturity, and then you can enjoy the deep colors and unique flavors this plant has to offer.

Long Grain Rice

This pantry-staple can be grown in your own backyard. Simple, compared to other rice varieties, this gem does not require a rice paddy to grow. As long as you keep damp and well watered, this seed only requires full sun and 90-100 days before you are making your own stir-fry completely homemade.

Italian Oregano

This perennial takes about 60 days until maturity. Works as a great pest control, as well as attracts honeybees and beneficial pollinators once it flowers. A staple flavor for many delicious dishes, and a natural antibiotic. I’ve recently started studying the ways you can use oregano to naturally boost your chicken’s health. Plus the fragrant scent will help in the coop. Win win.

Red Burgundy Onion

Low in maintenance, high in flavor. It is a biennial, which means the plant takes two years to grow from a seed to fruition and die. This short day variety puts out a longer production, although it takes 95 days to mature.

Jubilee Watermelon

This iconic variety of the deep south is perfect for the green thumbs that reside in hot climates. Short on seeds but long on flavor and shape. These large watermelons takes 85 days until maturity.

Tendersweet Orange Watermelon

Orange flesh, fewer seeds, and a thinner rind, which does mean not as long of a shelf life compared to other varieties. That’s alright though because these deliciously sweet treats won’t last long any way before everyone in your family gobbles it up!

White Snowflake Snap Dragons

Snap Dragon’s require full sun and take about 110 days until maturity. Their stacked plumes and double flowered petals give them more container life than most single petaled flowers. Doesn’t always do it, but can reseed itself to come back the next year.

Common English Lavender

Although lavender can be finicky to start, this variety can withstand -20 degree temps once mature. Highly fragrant, with a more blue color than purple, which usually begin to appear in the late spring to early summer.

Crackerjack Mix Marigold

Perfect project for kids, because this popular flower is extremely easy to grow and maintain. Highly beneficial, a great companion for tomatoes. They keep harmful insects away, and are surprisingly nutritious. Container friendly and only 40-50 days until maturity. 

Velvet Queen Sunflower

These stunning, gorgeous, deep shade of burgundy red sunflowers are a beacon of beauty your garden needs. These annuals require full sun, and 90 days until maturity. Like many sunflowers, these beauties are wonderfully drought tolerant and need a lot of sun. Sunflower, right?

Jarrahdale Pumpkin

Unique blue pumpkins; something you didn’t realize you needed until you see. Their beauty for decorating alone is enough to want this variety, but because this pumpkin is free of large strings, but full of flavor, it makes the perfect choice for roasting and baked goods. With full sun and 110 days until maturity, you’ll have blue pumpkins that makes others green with envy.

Connecticut Pumpkin

These ideal pumpkins can grow up to 20 pounds! Perfect for Jack O’Lanterns. 110 days until maturity, and can produce up to 5 pumpkins from each vine. Credited as one of the earliest pumpkins in existence. When you grow these heirloom seeds you’re practically growing history.

Jack Be Little Pumpkin

Adorable tiny little pumpkins that induce happy squeals every time. Perfect for decoration, but also edible as a sweet squash. Requires full sun and 90 days until maturity. These are wonderful to store so you can enjoy pumpkin treats all year long. As long as you’ve allowed it to fully cure on the vine, these darling pumpkins can be stored up to 12 months! Just clean well and then wipe down with a little olive oil before storing.

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