How I Organize My Seeds

Come visit my new greenhouse and take a peek into how I organize my seeds. I also show you some of the supplies I've gathered in order to start some seeds. This year in my garden, I'm using my Farmer's Almanac to plant by the signs, and in today's video I explain what that is, where it came from, and how it can benefit your garden. Start your own garden and grow your own food this year! It's rewarding, healthy, mostly simple, and something you'll be glad you started.

Why We Grow Heirloom Seeds

Trying to understand seed labels and decide what's best for YOU can be confusing! There's so many options, so many terms. Are all GMO's bad? How do I know what I'm planting in my garden? Is a hybrid the same thing? Are all seeds created equal? I break it down for you here, and go in depth on why we chose to grow Heirloom seeds by discussing the pros and cons of all three seed types.

Seed Order Unboxing- the Alliance of Native Seedkeepers

First things first, check out the video showing just what was in my package, and then we can get down to business. Fair warning: our youngest son, Gatlin, does something that might make your heart explode 💕 This is my very first unboxing video! And let me tell you, hindsight is 2020… Wait... can … Continue reading Seed Order Unboxing- the Alliance of Native Seedkeepers