What’s In My Emergency Chicken Kit?

I have studied, hoarded, and obsessed over chicken care and treatments for months. At one point my flock had an Amazon wishlist. Y’all are just lucky I didn’t start a gofundme. Watch out they’ll be TikToking next…

If you know me, you know I truly love and adore my birds. On all accounts, I believe if you do something, you should do it well but especially in the case of a living, breathing thing, the utmost respect and care should be delivered. I am their caretaker, a mere humble chicken tender, but it’s really an exchange service here. What I put in, the chickens give back in the form of food, such as eggs, or meat in the case of our flock that we raise for processing (different from my girls that lay, just so we’re clear). It was important to me to treat them well, in all instances.

As much as I love them, my desire to learn really stemmed from hoping to avoid vet visits, if at all possible (have you ever traveled with chickens? It’s an interesting road trip). I’m not at all saying I will never seek professional care, I just didn’t want to solely depend on it. I live 20 minutes from everywhere, and an hour from my vet, so sometimes a trip into town, or even worse- waiting several days for shipping, can be rather inconvenient when you have sick chick right now. I wanted to gather as much knowledge as I could to keep my flock happy and healthy, be prepared for any situation that could arise, and know that I was equipped the best that I could be.

In this two-part video I open up my Chicken Kit and show you just what is inside and why you would want to have it on hand. I talk about ways to treat mites, egg bound hens, wounds, coccidiosis, crop impaction, worms, vitamin deficiency, botulism, poisoning, and more!

Most items were bought at the Dollar Tree, Walmart (such as my Made in the USA, awesome priced toolbox), Amazon, Tractor Supply Co (in the video I refer to it as TSC most of the time), and Jeffers, Inc.

Here’s a list of supplies I mentioned, but for specified treatment instructions, please watch the videos.

I hope these things help you gather your own emergency kit that brings comfort and health to your chickens, and yourself, as well! Thanks for stopping by!

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